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Created specifically to take advantage of the new motion tracking built into every iPhone 5S. Features: + App doesn't need to run in the background or use GPS so will not drain your battery. + App badge is updated throughout the day with your current step total. + Your seven day step counts are shown graphically. *** Only works on iPhone 5S ***

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  • Nice icon!

    By Tavilabradog
    After that, usefulness ceases. This app happily loaded onto an Apple iPhone 4s 64gb iOS 7 then announced it doesn't work on that unit. How does stuff like this get into the App Store in the first place? Most excellent icon though. I think I will keep this app loaded just for that purpose...

    By Speed Racer Don
    For the record I have worn waist-mounted pedometers every day for the last 15 years. I have gone through a dozen different models and at least 50 pedometers. This pedometer app along with all of the others (I have tried four parentheses) show ridiculously LOW step counts. I can get 20,000 steps on my waist bounded pedometer and this will only shows 5,000 steps. They (all of them) count only about one step in four. They all are missing a sensitivity adjustment. The developers must be incompetent kids that have never used pedometer in her life!
  • Does NOT WORK!

    By Bobbie_ASL
    I downloaded this app, tried and tried to open it, PAID for the Adv. App!.. DOES NOT WORK!...

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