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Baby Sleep Timer

By Fehners Software LLP

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2012-07-05
  • Current Version: 3.1.1
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  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fehners Software LLP
  • Compatibility: IOS 9.3 or later.
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Baby Sleep Timer Wiki

Record and analyse your baby's sleep pattern to help develop a sleep schedule that's compatible with their natural sleep cycles. With both a Day Mode to capture daytime naps, and an automatic Night Mode to listen for and record baby's night awakenings. Use the App to: √ Develop a nap schedule compatible with natural sleep patterns. √ Understand when it's time to drop a daytime nap. √ Analyse baby's night time to help achieve every parents dream of a full nights sleep. From the developers of Baby Feed Timer ***** - The number one breastfeeding/bottle feeding app HIGHLIGHTS √ Listen to the sound clips recorded during the night to make sure it wasn't dad snoring. √ Easy to view graphs of Baby's sleep pattern over the last 30 days. √ Analyse sleeping trends and averages broken down into day naps, and night time sleeps. √ No internet connection needed. FURTHER FEATURES + Simple one button start/stop during daytime naps. + Started the timer late? no problem, with a simple tap change the start date and time and the sleep timer updates accordingly. + Record notes detailing where baby went to sleep, and how long it took to settle them. + Timer continues to run in the background. + Quick glance time since baby went to sleep and duration so far. + Night Mode features a handy clock to quickly tell what time it is when you are woken up. + Listen to sound clips of your baby recorded during the night. + Night Mode automatically logs the periods of sleep for you. + Easy to view diary of your babies sleep times. + Simple to edit sleep logs. + Ability to manually add sleep logs in case you miss one. + View summary of todays sleep, such as total time slept so far, number of sleeps, average length of sleeps, average time between sleeps. + Email your logged data to your computer for further analysis. + Graphical view of sleep statistics over the last 30 days to better spot trends and patterns. + Automatic microphone configuration ensures the best results from the automatic Night Mode. + Fine tuning of microphone sensitivity should it pick up too few or too many noises at night. ----------------------------------------- If you have any feedback please send it to as we have no way to respond to comments left in reviews.

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  • Great for when you can’t remember things!

    By JennEn84
    This is a great app for when you’re just too tired to remember when the baby last slept. I wish it had a more predictive component to it and could alert you that you’re baby may be ready for a nap based on sleeping trends or whatever. Or maybe told you what time they average go to bed based on your data input, but as it is now, it’s still fully helpful and I’m really happy with its usefulness.
  • One change

    By Bridgetcarney
    I really wish this app was better incorporated into the other app that monitors eating/diapers/everything else. It would be awesome if it analyzed the data all in 1 spot and I would use it much more if it did.
  • Using this for years!

    By Cherrynooch
    This is a must have, especially if you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of how many hours the kiddo has been awake, or how naps are changing overall as he gets older. Still crossing my fingers for an Apple Watch app option, but I still love using it regardless!
  • Good app overall

    By AdrieneWilliams
    I've been using the baby feed timer since my five month old was born, and just started using this a week or so ago when we started having sleep regression. It's helpful to have all the information, but there are a couple shortcomings. It would be nice if this and the feed timer could be all in one, instead of having to flip flop between the two to determine feeding and sleeping scheduling. It also would be nice if you could log in to your account from another device like you can with the feed timer, as I use an iPad in the nursery that would be helpful for the night tracking. Overall it's a great app to have if you like to keep track of baby's sleeping info.
  • Calculations are off

    By Aagikaa
    Please check your app. It calculates wrongly.
  • Abandoned

    By CloakOfMuadDib
    This app hasn't been updated in years and doesn't have basic functionality like being able to sync across phones. My wife and I can't use it for that reason- even though it is advertised in the Baby Feed Timer app, which we love. I initially wanted to like this app since it is the only one I found that tracks day and night sleep differently, but cannot recommend it.
  • Fix the change start time feature please :)

    By JLBCT
    I love this app. Thank you for fixing issue with earlier version (one baby ago!) dealing with the start time edit. With multiple kids and attempting to get little one onto a schedule, I can easily track how often he naps, making it so much easier.
  • Best one I've tried

    By Onarom
    We've used this app for over a year now and love it.
  • Great app - sync with baby feed!

    By Actrp
    Easy to use, useful app. Like the ability to change the sleep start time while the timer is already going. Suggestion: sync with baby feed so I can get sleep, feed, etc all in one place!
  • Like it so far

    By Emorelan
    I have the baby feed app which is awesome and I have also enjoyed this one for tracking my infant's sleep patterns. The timer feature is great as is the chart feature. Haven't used the night sound clip feature. The only feedback I can give for improvement is like the feeding app, add the option to pause a sleep cycle..sometimes we put down our baby for a nap, but she wakes up 10 minutes later and has to be soothed. That would also be helpful to chart.

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