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GAL Manufacturing LLC. continues to innovate by developing tools that improve our designs. Our elevator controllers have always been designed with the end users in mind. Based on years of offering outstanding support, we aim for the best user experience during the installation and maintenance periods for our customers. GAL is proud to offer this iOS app to improve the installation and service of our latest Elevator Control for hydraulic systems: G4 Hydro. Its functionality enhances our customer's experience by allowing iPhones and iPads as valuable tools in the elevator machine room. G4 Hydro App simple interface makes navigation a smooth transition for our customers. The application was built with tools native to iOS to guarantee ease of use for iOS users. Our App features: Access to Input / Output information - Elevator Status - Group Status - Trace Screen to capture frame by frame status of elevator status and input/output data - Traffic Statistics - Adjustable Variables with full descriptions available right where you need them - Fault Log: detailed and very meaningful data including causes and possible fixes

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