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Yandex.Navi is a full-featured GPS navigation app. Join millions of drivers using Yandex.Navi to reduce driving stress, improve city navigation, and protect yourself from risks on your route.

World-class user experience reduces driving stress:
· Beat traffic with real-time GPS routing
· Locate alternative route options
· Simplify your commute with real-time automatic rerouting
· Easily find potential parking spots near your destination

Advanced reliable technology simplifies city navigation:
· Find local places and businesses on the street map
· Save time with real-time traffic information
· Quickly search for organizations, addresses or by business categories
· Navigate faster with saved favorites, settings, search history, and route history

Real-time communication protects you from risks on your route:
· Reach destinations safely with turn-by-turn guided GPS navigation
· Avoid accidents, construction and other road incidents with real time warnings
· Alerts to your speed in danger zones on driving routes
· Learn about road conditions with driver-to-driver chats

Yandex.Navi will guide you to your destinations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and France. Please contact to
share your feedback about the app or receive customer support.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.. Yandex.Navi - GPS navigation and maps ranking and data report, Yandex.Navi - GPS navigation and maps apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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