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With our revamped app, it is now much more easier to order Turkey’s tastiest pizza, from hundreds of Domino’s stores across dozens of cities.

Fancy pizza?
Don’t get lost among countless restaurants!
Stop wasting precious time with take-away apps that fail to deliver!

Instead, order your pizza through the new Domino’s Pizza App!
Just download the app,
Choose one of our many speciality pizzas,
Add it to your basket and simply place your order.

Which one?
Extravaganzza, Sucuksever, Bol 5’li, Bol malzemos, Mangal sucuklu or Konyalım? Hard to decide, easy to order online!
You can track your order and know exactly where it is, from dough to door.
It’ll be a different joy to crown our juicy pizzas with perfect associated flavours! Who says no to hot souffle with seductive cake in the wake of hot crispy chicken balls with corn or scalloped potatoes?
Let’s look at the new features on the Domino’s App:

1- One-tap ordering
It takes only a single tap to order with the new Dominos’ App!
Choose your favourite pizza and just save it as an “Easy Order” for one-tap order placement for the next time.

2- Add your address on the map
Domino’s new app allows you to find your delivery address on a map. You can simply mark your address on the map, or write down your address so we can deliver your pizza straight to your doorstep.

3- Search your favourite pizzas and toppings for special offers
Let’s say you are a huge fan of the “Bol Malzemos” (Grand Supreme), or you simply can’t have pizza without mushrooms. Is there a special offer on your that you would like? Now it’s easy to find out. Simply search for your favourite pizza or toppings on the newly revamped Domino’s App to see if any special offers are available.

4- Exclusive offers on your nearest store
You can also learn about new exclusive offers at your nearest Domino’s store through the Domino’s App.

5- Promo codes
You can now use promo codes through the Domino’s App to claim special offers and discount benefits while placing your pizza order.

6- Innovative interface
Domino’s App is now more user-friendly with its updated interface design.

7- Easier use
Now, it’s much easier to use the Domino’s App. You won’t struggle to place an order or to track it until it arrives.

8- Your personalised homepage
Our revamped Domino’s App now knows you better. It remembers everything from what you like, which toppings you prefer to your favourite drink, and customises your homepage based on your preferences.

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