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My Mobile ID Wallet is used to store and manage one's iVerify Mobile IDs. These are the various organization and institution mobile IDs that are created under the "iVerify platform", which is the ability for anyone with the "iVerify Mobile ID" app to verify the authenticity of the ID, anytime and anywhere. An iVerify Mobile ID comes in two forms:
(a) Software-based as a secure QRC which is managed by this mobile app.
(b) Secure QRC affixed to an ID card.

In either form, you need the IOS mobile app called "iVerify Mobile ID" to scan, decode, and display the ID information.

With iVerify Mobile IDs, you can easily verify the authenticity of a supported organization/company ID or the identity of anyone, anytime, and anywhere for your protection and security.

This mobile app
- Enables you to add new iVerify Mobile IDs.
- Enables you to delete existing Mobile IDs.
- Enables you to select and display a Mobile ID QRC for scanning, decoding, and verification.. My Mobile ID Wallet ranking and data report, My Mobile ID Wallet apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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