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Eons ago, heroic tales were written of the survival of the scratchiest. Be a part of the prehistoric legend!

Prehistoric times. Nothing to do but kick around some rocks. One day, our caveman hero kicks a rock a little too hard down a slippery slope, loses his balance, falls into a deep hole and knocks himself out. He awakes much later, to the rumbling of a volcano. In a state of panic, he picks up a rock and begins running back and forth, scratching at the walls of the hole, desperately trying to find a way out before the volcano turns him into ashes.​ Do the walls contain the key to freedom?

Simple tap control! With each tap on the screen, the prehistoric caveman changes direction while running. You have to scratch a wall on the left or right side to gain points. Oh, and avoid falling rocks.

• 8 bit prehistoric graphics & sounds
• Simple gameplay with single tap control
• Different outfits to dress your caveman
• Different prehistoric themes you can play in (Summer and Ice age). VolcaRun ranking and data report, VolcaRun apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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