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Unlock the mystery of the maze. A wide variety of magnificent maze which make the maze not only unique, but beautiful.
Just tilt on your phone to guide your marble through the labyrinth, Dodging fiery pits, bricks, bullets and minions to the maze exit. Collect coins around the map, destroy blocks to get special coins but beware not to get trapped in the maze. Race the clock to escape before you are running out of hearts. The new journey is here.

- Explore the maze, mystery, dangerous robots, prickly thorns etc.
- Collect coins and items as much as you can to unlock new characters
- Intuitive touch and control to run and jump to safety
- Get to safety before the maze eliminates you
- More than 100 random maze levels for more exciting. Galaxy Space Dungeon ranking and data report, Galaxy Space Dungeon apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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