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Want more health, wealth, and happiness in your life? Need to build good habits into your life, drink more water, go to the gym, get to bed on time, spend more time with family, and much more. Habitz helps you build the best version of yourself. What’s the secret to the most successful people in life? They create and stick to their habits. Habits compounded overtime help you achieve everything you want it life and help you form good habits and eliminate the bad ones.

Habitz is a free and simple to use app to help you build a daily routine of habits with reminders. Focusing on building good habits will help you excel in all areas of your life. Your personal growth starts today with one simple step. Choose habit and stick with it.

It takes time for a new habit to become part of your lifestyle, give it a try, be patient, and you’ll see the results over the next few weeks. This app helps you stay motivated and give you the resilience you need to become better than you were yesterday. Be unstoppable by keeping up with your habits.

- Simple to use interface
- Choose from our sample habits or create and customize your own
- Plan all your habits daily, weekly, monthly
- Remind yourself at specific times any time of the day
- Track your progress with useful feedback and keep your streaks going
- Create up to 5 habits for free with unlimited functionality

This app is not subscription based and charges a one time in app purchase fee to create an unlimited number of habits and remove banner ads.

Become better than you were yesterday. Start today. Habitz is the secret to your successful life!. Habit Deluxe : Habit Tracker ranking and data report, Habit Deluxe : Habit Tracker apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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