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As a trained bear hunter, hunt down all the bears with in deadly walled jungle to test your hunting skills

You are a trained Bear hunter... you visited different dangerous jungles in different countries to hunt down the wild brown bears.

To test your hunting skills once again... you have choosed a deadly Walled Jungle (a man made jungle surrounded by wall) where hundreds of brown bears are unleashed. You have prepared yourself for a brutal battle with wild brown bears. For this you have loaded a BAR Autoloader Hunting Rifle with a telescope & electric radar for hunting bears.

Roam around in the jungle check bear location with the electric radar. Check with teclescopic eye and hunt down the bear...
Beware... keep your eyes wide open as the wild animals may attack you from any where any side ...

How to Play
- Locate bear presence on the electric radar on top left
- Or Roam around to locate the animals
- Aim the bear with rifle
- Use the telescope to view more closer
- Shoot with fire button when the bear is aim
- You may have to shoot 2 to 3 times to hunt the bear
- The bear may run towards you to attack so beware
- Select a scene and clear all 6 levels to open new scene

Game Features
• Lively bear movement
• 3D game enviroment
• Unlimited Game time to play
• Enjoy lively Jungle Scenes
• Can save, pause and resume game at any point
• Highly addictive. Bear Jungle Attack ranking and data report, Bear Jungle Attack apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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