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This mobile app focuses on building individuals and families using the fundamental biblical approach.
In today's world, where our life is embraced with expectations and challenges, individuals and families are affected. This app helps to give us the needed strength and wisdom to meet and face the expectations and challenges that come our way. Individuals are put down, Families are faced with conflicts. This app builds and empowers individuals and families. It teaches children and families how to lead a happy, peaceful and successful life.
This mobile app is a devotion pack that makes us shine like a star using the fundamental biblical approach. Each devotion has a simple format:
- Main Substance: Elaborates on the topic
- Dose: A scripture from the bible
- Quote: A famous quote related to the topic
- Prayer: A sample prayer for the individual or the family
- Activity: Either an individual or group activity related to the topic
- Hymn: A hymn related to the topic, that can be sung as part of the devotional

There are activities listed in each topic, to give it a more practical approach.

There is a game included in this app to grab the children's attention. The Hangman game uses words that belong to that particular topic. So this makes the members pay attention to the content of the topic and will be later tested in the Hangman game.. Christian Power Devotions ranking and data report, Christian Power Devotions apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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