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We think. We organize. We assign. We schedule. We plan. We plan at home; we plan at work. Wicked Plan™ is where your plan's ideas and deadlines and schedules come together.

For all that we plan – business plan, social media plan, construction plan, wedding plan, marketing plan, product launch plan, trial plan, event plan, and so much more – Wicked Plan lets you capture, organize, and edit the full scope in one wicked place.

No more spreading pieces of the plan amongst a bunch of spreadsheets, lists, and other docs. No tedious websites, logins, subscriptions, and chat threads. Just the whole plan in one place.

You can see Wicked Plan as a world-class outliner with immensely powerful table, timeline, and canvas features; or as a way to finally keep a whole plan together in one place. And you can interact with the other Wicked apps by, for example, using the iMessage app Wicked Brainstorm™ to do a quick group brainstorm and then zooming the results right into Wicked Plan to build the plan details, budgets, schedules, and more.

Your whole Wicked Plan in one wicked place.

• Extra-full-featured outliner
• Standard and custom outline symbols
• Custom checkmark status symbols
• Intermix text and images
• Unique headline feature allows focus on part of or whole outline
• Powerful notes feature includes data from table columns in outline

• Table of columns synchronized to outline
• Mix-and-match columns in different views to see what you need when you need it
• Supports text, images, dates, numbers, links, lists, formulas, and more
• Show dates visually as time charts, including multiple overlapping charts

• Morph the outline into a visual diagram, or Canvas
• Use popular built-in diagrams like SWOT, Eisenhower Matrix, and Business Model Canvas™, or create custom diagrams to match your data
• Diagrams can be formed of content blocks or take other popular forms like Bullseye, Scatter Plot, and Venn Diagram

• Save any view to the Table of Contents for super organization and instant access
• Use the Wizard to drop in pre-built components, including a to-do list, travel schedule, project plan, social media plan, business income statement, SWOT analysis, and dozens more. Wicked Plan ranking and data report, Wicked Plan apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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