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This application can be used with TranzX E-Bikes only.

TranzX E-Bikes support Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which allows this app - specially developed for the system - to communicate with the bike and its display. Performance data from the drive system can therefore be combined with the intelligent processing system of the smartphone. This enables a considerably more accurate calculation and display of the remaining range and other values. The shared information can be shown on both displays. When the two devices are paired, the E-Bike display will move into an advanced presentation mode, so that it can show additional functions. The smartphone can then either be mounted on the handlebars as well, to supplement the E-Bike display with an extended functionality, or be kept in your pocket. One of the most important additional functions is navigation, which is provided via the smartphone app. Routes are calculated depending on the range still available and the resulting support mode, then step-by-step direction instructions with distance information will be shown on the E-Bike display.

Main Features:

- Online via the smartphone data connection, or offline, primarily via OpenStreetMaps
- Routing and navigation with optional altitude profile
- GPX Track Management: save, import, and share routes
- Point-Of-Interest (POI) search and directions. TranzX eBIKE APP ranking and data report, TranzX eBIKE APP apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS download..

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